The Journey of 1 000 days

The first 1000 days of life is commonly known as the window of opportunity. This is when you lay the foundation for your child’s health and lasting effect throughout their life. How did we venture to day 1000? What lasting effect have we managed to build for our daughter Tirelo? Well here’s the story, the ups and downs, some useful tips for all you young moms and dads as well as just plain weird experiences that we literally can’t experience on our own.

Between the time of conception and when I found out I was pregnant with Tirelo (8 weeks pregnant) I was in complete work mode and never noticed. My announcement to pregnancy was well… memorable to say the least. I work as an engineer and on this special announcement occasion, I was on site, doing a medical fitness test at a coal mine. Imagine finding out you’re going to be a mom and simultaneously being kicked off site. Oh, the joy, I was nervous, anxious, scared but mostly happy that I didn’t need to return to that awful coal mine (ask any female engineer working on a mine…. it’s horrible).

So here I was travelling back home from the mine, beginning a journey, that has changed my life for the better. Little did I know how big of a blessing I was about to receive and how quickly a little human can get through a jumbo pack of diapers. .

I’m writing this to share my parenting experience, the truth behind the pretty pictures, to be honest about my mistakes, taking joy in our milestones as a family and learning from all of this to be a better human being and raise a strong beautiful girl.  But also to leave something for my daughter to show her she was loved from the beginning.



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