Being superwoman… Later

So here we are…Trimester One baby! Naturally, after confirming the bun in the oven, I started experiencing the real side of pregnancy. The evil twin side. And boy was it evil. The nausea, the tiredness, the repulsion to all kind of smells I once loved. I continued though, through the uncomfortable. I woke up everyday for work, attempted to gym, maintained relationships, fed myself, etc but I was struggling just to keep up with myself. I would be half way through a sentence and I would pass out. At 6pm. Tragic.

My favourite part though was going to the gynaecologist, I had a vibrant gynae. He cracked some funny, inappropriate jokes to add awkwardness in the room but more importantly, he listened to my wishes of wanting a natural pregnancy and birth as much as possible. That’s so important, you must find a gynae who listens as well as they advise you. It’s going to be a long 9 months if you’re not happy with your deliverer. Besides he’s charming comedy, those first ultrasound images were magical. To think now, that Tirelo was that tiny at a point is incredible. But eventually the ultrasounds turned into Picasso paintings that only the gynae could understand but you get so caught up in emotions that you nod emphatically and awww at an image of baby’s face which also could be the elbow. Be sure to keep all those elbow images.

This trimester was not one for the books, I’d prefer to forget it more than anything else. For me, remembering it, is as good as any contraceptive pill out there in the market. Most of your emotions are in high definition and worst of all, you’re trying to keep it all a secret. So you are 3-D emotional and pretending to be okay. More than okay in my instance, I was fighting to be my old self instead of accepting and taking a nap. The one thing I should’ve done more of was put down my guard and accept all the help being offered. My advice to any pregnant lady… take it easy. Milk it even. Milk it hard ladies. The world is a cruel place every other day, so why not enjoy it when its being nice to you. Take advantage of the free goodies, the foot rubs, the skipping of the queues, the wheelchair (yes…that extreme), the baby parking right in front of the shopping mall, the extra serving of meals, all of it. You can always be superwoman….later.

To follow the story from the beginning. Join me at the beginning of the tale:
The Journey of 1 000 days

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