Grand-parental guidance is advised

I was a big nervous wreck to tell my parents about my baby news. I didn’t know how they would take it even though you could say I was primarily in a “good space” to be a mom but this is all relative to which side of the story you’re on. I was out of school, living on my own, I had decent job and I was taking care of myself, but with all those boxes ticked off, you still can never be ready for a baby. 

I love and respect my parents so much and all I wanted was for them to be excited and happy for me, just as much as I was. And wanting all of this so badly, made me anxious and nervous about their reaction. I am very close to my family and I probably spend way too much time with them, so I knew I didn’t have much time before I started showing. I had to tell them, even before the telling-time period. I know a lot of moms wait before blurting out the news due to the chances of miscarriages and false alarms but isn’t this such a nerve wrecking time in life and having to keep the news down and your lunch? Urgh. 

Well given the fact that I am still alive to tell this tale, my meeting with my parents went pretty well. At this point, my parents and my partner had never met. To say there were plenty of awkward questions would be an understatement and I really wish he was there to answer for himself. They wanted to know who he was obviously, but I almost had to whip out his credit score status, what happened at his last doctor’s appointment, whether I am aware of any terrorist groups he could be involved in, etc. It was intense but it all came from a good place and I am grateful for that. 

As I was walking out of their room, after a good conversation on parenting and relationships, my mothers parting words, as always, were priceless. See my oldest brother has three beautiful kids, three boys to be specific so my parents were not first-time grandparents, but they never had a granddaughter so naturally she said, “Don’t you come back here if it’s not a girl”. I guess my whole extended family felt the same. We were under the ‘curse of the boys’ where most (except for 1) grandchildren were boys. So no pressure Menzi, just come up with a way, that is not in anyway under your control and produce a baby girl. Let’s just say my God works extra hours because here SHE is.

Seeing my daughter being brought up by all the members of our family is extra special. We can count our lucky stars that Tirelo has both grandfathers and grandmothers to spoil her rotten. But…well let me start off by saying, I am grateful for all the advice and assistance I receive. Our parents are full of wisdom, however, it’s 2018. The era of baby shark and touch screen. This generation will never know of TDK cassette and Nokia 3310. So my parenting has to adapt to the times and happenings of now so that I can equip her well. It’s like downloading iOS9.0 when the rest of the world is on 12.1 for your iPhone. My parenting style will never be the same to what I grew up with and although nostalgia kicks in and you want your kid to have your special childhood, let them have their own stories to tell their kids and their grandchildren too. Le them be their own grandparents with wise words one day.



  1. momshieb

    Oh, my goodness, what a beauty!!!! Your parents must be thrilled! As a mom of three and now Nonni of two, let me tell you that one of the best kept secrets of parenting is watching your child being a parent. It’s the ultimate proof that our generation did something right, watching all of you improve on our methods. And it’s so freeing and wonderful to let go of all the decisions and just love those babies. Congratulations!!!!

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