The Liebster Award Nomination 2018

Firstly I would love to say thank you to the lovely Pearls in the Sea for this nomination. She blogs about her awesome adventures and the crazy in betweens as a mom whilst raising her two boys. You can tell she enjoys writing and it’s so enjoyable to read. Please check out her blog here, subscribe/follow, it is one to bookmark. 

A little introduction as to what exactly is The Liebster Award.

It is an exciting and awesome way to give new bloggers more exposure through social media nominations.  It’s an opportunity for newbies like myself to be discovered and connect with other bloggers.

How does this award work?

Add a link from the Official Liebster Award page in your blog.

Answer the questions given to you, if nominated.  If you were not nominated, you can answer the questions on the Liebster Award blog.

Come up with 11 more unique and creative questions for your nominees to answer.

Comment on the Liebster Award blog post with a link directly to your Liebster Award blog entry.

These are the questions for my nomination from Pearls in the Sea

1.Where is your happy place?

My happy place would definitely have to be home. I love my family and they are my peace and my joy. I’m always excited to go home. 

2. In one sentence, how would you describe yourself?

Tough call but, I would say I am a kind, funny person who is always up for an adventure. 

3. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Let no law enforcement see this, but I would definitely rob a bank. A couple of banks. 

4. What’s the best thing about your hometown?

Besides my extended family… my hometown Nelspruit is drop dead gorgeous. It’s nestled in the one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa and is a must-see destination.  

5. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?

I would love to be by the beach right now, any beach but if I had to choose, Maldives sounds about right. I’ve not set foot on a beach in so long! So if anyone wants to take me to the beach… I’m ready B!

6.What question do you hate to answer?

What time will you be here? – Ever since my daughter, I struggle to be on time and I won’t be until she’s more independent. Just bare with me. 

7. If you could select one person from history and have them answer one question truthfully, who would you select and what is the question?

Tupac Shakur. Who shot you?

8. If you could change something about the world what would it be? And why?

Discrimination/Hate. There’s nothing worse than experiencing inequality for something you have no control over such as skin colour, gender, sexuality,etc.

I know. I’m black and female. 

9. If you could witness any event of the past, present of future, what would it be?

It would have to be the northern lights up in Norway or the likes. One day I’ll brave the cold and travel up north to see it. What a sight that would be!

10. What are you proud of, but never had an excuse to talk about?

I would think… this! I can’t believe I started my blog! I’ve always wanted to do this and I never thought I would because I am a shy person. I am quite proud of myself for this. It’s a small step towards my ultimate goal. 

11. What’s your life theme song?

Frank Sinatra – My way

My Nominations for The Liebster Awards 2018

I’d like to nominate the following bloggers for this award. Your blogs are all stand-outs with great content. I can’t wait to see your upcoming posts. I hope you enjoy completing this nomination as much as I have and let’s continue the great initiative of this award by nominating others:

Chasing paper boats



Simply Chloe


These are the questions I pose to you. Please see the official page of the Liebster Award to complete the nomination:

1.Give your favourite person a shout out and in one sentence, tell us why they mean so much to you?

2. City extravaganza type of holiday or relaxing beach resort holiday?

3. What would it be: A million dollars now or 6 million dollars in three years’ time?

4. What is the best thing about yourself?

5.Where have you been that you recommend everyone must see before kicking the bucket?

6. If you could withdraw all the money in your bank account today, what would you do with it?

7. What are two things you must do before you go to sleep every night?

8. What is the one funny story you love to tell?

9. What is your go-to meal when money is running low?

10. If you had to choose a talent/trait/habit to inherit from your parents, what would it be?

11. Ice-cream or frozen yoghurt?

Looking forward to your answers!


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