How to Get Away with 4C Hair

The moment I laid eyes on my baby girl after she was born, my first thought was… Wow! She has so much hair! But, then it dawned on me… Wow she has so much hair! I would have to maintain it and possibly make it look cute. A daunting task for black mothers out there as hair is such a big topic in our lives. At first, her hair started out soft and short. It was easily manageable with just a quick wash and running my hands through her hair. But, with time my daughter’s hair texture changed and now we have a full blown 4C haired baby girl with a full blown routine.

I absolutely love her hair. It is so rich and full, with coils and curls on every strand. A good mixture of her dad’s and my hair. I wanted to take care of her hair as naturally as possible and also show her the beauty in her natural hair, and when she’s old enough she can make her own decisions on how to wear it but… her mama gave her a good foundation to start with.

I, too, have 4C type afro but I mostly keep it in protective styles such as wigs and braids. I hardly rock my afro because I am a full time working mom and part time human. Time is not on my side unfortunately. But, without a doubt, I have time for my daughter’s crown. As any 4C haired girl will tell you, it’s not easy maintaining this type of hair in any weather. It’s certainly not cheap as well! But, a determined mama like myself has worked out a routine that works well for my baby girl and I love seeing her hair grow bigger. I wanted to share our routine with everyone to help any moms and dads struggling to do their baby girls’ hair and hopefully using this simple, fuss free weekly routine will give you great results that you’re looking for.

The Simple Fuss Free Weekly Hair Care Routine

So, I normally do my daughter’s hair on a weekly basis unless she has a protective style (braiding) which stretches out the hair routine to a 2-weekly routine, but applying moisture daily. On her hair day, which is normally Saturday, our hair care routine consists of 4 easy steps:

  • Wash
  • Condition
  • Moisturize
  • Styling

This is all done within one hour! Any longer than this tires them out and frustrates everybody. So I always aim to not exceed 1 hour to do my girl’s hair.


Whilst she takes a bath in the morning, I normally wash her hair during the same time. My favourite shampoos to use on her head are:

Both shampoos are sulfates and parabens free. They wash my baby’s girl hair without leaving it dry. Her hair is left clean without stripping the essentials oils out of her hair. You can find all these products at Clicks.


After one or two shampoo washes, depending on how dirty her hair is that week, I apply conditioner on her hair whilst wet and give her a head massage for about 2 minutes then rinse out. This is my child’s favourite part of the process. So, there will be no tears during conditioning. My favourite conditioner is the Hask Argan Oil from Morocco – Repairing Conditioner. Her hair is so much softer and her curls and coils really come to life after this! You can also find this conditioner at your local Clicks!


Straight after rinsing out the conditioner, whilst her hair is wet, I spray on Cantu for Natural Hair Coil Calm Detangler and use this amazing detangling brush from Dischem to lightly comb through her hair without any pulling or fussing.

I always let her hair air-dry and never use any heat to dry it. Any use of heat damages the hair and also makes this hair routine process longer. The shorter the better.

After a good comb-through, I apply a generous dollop of Aunt Jackie’s Knot Havin It! Leave-In Ultimate Detangling Moisturiser and style her hair as desired. Moisturising her hair is so important for 4c hair as it dries out quickly, so don’t be shy, lean in when applying the moisturiser.

Once we finished styling her hair, I apply Aunt Jackie’s Repair My Hair Argan Oil. We then use this oil daily to keep her hair moisturised until the next wash day.

Simple and easy!


I started styling my daughter’s hair when she was about 8 months old. This is when her afro started changing into the 4c hair texture. Initially, we started with loosely tied ponies on her hair. I still do this today when I want to give her hair a break from braiding. My daughter’s hair will always be in one of the three styles: afro, braided or loose ponies.

I don’t usually leave her hair out in an afro, as her hair dries out quicker this way and tends to tangle up easier. If your baby’s hair is also like my daughter’s hair, leave out her afro for short periods of time to stop it from losing moisture quickly and having to untangle her hair often.

As she’s still small, time consuming hair styles are not a go-to for now. Babies and toddlers don’t like sitting for long in one position, so her hair must be done within an hour. But, as she grows older, the hair styles can become bolder. You can see in this pictures below of our hair boldness as she grew up!

I like braiding my daughter’s hair, as this style lasts longer and gives mama some breathing room. We normally keep the braiding on for 2 weeks, then undo her hair and the next style will most likely be loosely ties ponies for a week to give her head a break.

Most of the time, we braid her hair ourselves, but once in a while, usually on special occasions, we take her to a kid-friendly salon to do more intricate and cuter hairstyles. My two favourite hair salons in the Gauteng area are Afrokids Salon in Rivonia, Johannesburg and Lekharebe Beauty Hair Salon in Garsfontein, Pretoria. The selling point for me for both hair salons were the hair stylists and how good they are with children. They are so patient and kind. On top of that, they use great products on your child’s hair.

So if you want an even better fuss-free solution for your child’s hair. Just drop them off at these salons and go grab some brunch! They are in good hands.

There are many ways to skin a cat and also to do children’s hair. This is one that has worked well for my family. Please comment below and share your hair care routine to continue the conversation on taking care of our children’s beautiful crowns!



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