Introducing new Pampers Baby Dry – Review

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This is a sponsored post in which Pampers has provided the new Baby Dry product to me for a review. I share this information as an example and my personal experience but it does not serve as a guarantee or promise of any kind for your results and success if you decide to use the same information, review and product offered here. 

I’ve always used Pampers on my daughter from the day she was born. So, when I got the opportunity to review the new Pampers Baby Dry with two Air channels, it was a definite yes as I would love to see what my favourite brand was cooking up in the kitchen! My daughter is now potty training so we wanted to test out the new Pampers diapers and see how their new product fits into our new routine and needs for a potty training toddler.

My daughter is quite big and tall. She measures in the 95th Percentile for baby girls her age and she has a healthy African bum to go along with. So, FIT is such a big thing for us when it comes to diapers. If her diaper didn’t fit well, that meant a lot of leakages or a sagging diaper.

As a mom, you are always looking to give your baby the best and getting the right diaper is one of them. The right diaper helps you to prevent leakages and that weird sag that makes your baby look like they have a long bum. The right diaper helps your baby’s skin breathe and prevent moistness and any sort of rashes developing. We generally found this true with previous Pampers ranges and we are happy chappies . As our baby girl grows, her essential needs in a diaper were still there but other considerations had also come into play. So will the new Pampers meet our new toddler needs?

At our potty training stage, my daughter still wears a diaper when we are in unfamiliar surroundings during the day, and she also wears one during the night. So, her diaper must be breathable, light and keep her dry as if she was in her underwear. This is quite crucial since now she knows the freedom and comfort of underwear, so if the diaper didn’t provide us this, there would be a standoff in the house and all hell would ring loose. In addition, my daughter is a highly active toddler and this diaper needs to be able to keep up with her!

To test out it out, we let my daughter wear the new Pampers diaper to a friend’s birthday party. This was the ultimate test. Will the diaper stay in place and prevent leakages? Will it be able to withstand all the juices she’s about to inhale (yes.. she drinks them that quick!)? And lastly, will we get a soggy and sagging long bum?

The votes are in and it’s a Yes! Yes! And No! The diaper actually stayed in place and we had no leakages. We really did a number on this diaper and put it to the test with a whopping 4 juice boxes drank in the short time we were at the party. When we arrived home, the heavy diaper was at its wits’ end but I was impressed by its endurance and persistence. The inner pearl layers had absorbed all the fluids and the diaper was the size of pillows but her skin was still dry! On the exterior of the diaper, there are wet indicators to let you know when the diaper is full. We can confidently say, we made full use of this feature!

I was thoroughly happy with the new Pampers Baby Dry and its performance. Including the biggest critic herself was also quite happy. She got to enjoy her day and felt comfortable all day. Now if you can make a cranky toddler happy, then you’re on to something!

The fit on my daughter was great, we got full coverage of her African booty and the diaper withstood an active toddler’s day by absorbing an incredible amount of fluid, whilst keeping my daughter’s skin dry and comfortable during her activities. I am glad to see that the new Pampers range still meets the quality we all know it for and they are still delivering on all their promises, but also giving us more. What I loved about this new range is the softness of the diaper, it’s not as soft as the Premium Care, but definitely better than the Active Baby Dry range. Another thing I loved, was that the sides of the diaper stretch further than the Active Baby Dry, which gave us a better fit. All in all, it’s a big thumbs from the Rap-double-Oh team (dad included, even though he was just the camera man)!

So the new Pampers Baby Dry will essentially replace the previous Active Baby Dry range and with that there are a few changes in the weight range. Check out this table below to see what the changes are compared to the previous Active Baby Dry:

If you’re looking for the new Pampers Baby Dry to test it out for yourself, look out for the new packaging with the words “Air Channels” written on the top right hand corner and if you’ve already been using the new Pampers Baby Dry, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new Pampers product!



  1. Shenika

    I absolutely love the inclusion of who your baby is as a whole “African booty.” I can’t honestly think of many who would actually voice that something like that is actually a concern, but it’s the truth and I’m glad that you said it. Those kinds of things matter too! My children always had a lil’ cheek hanging out on one side and made it quite interesting cleaning up and also looked a little suspect through their pants! 🤣Great review!

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