About Me

My name is Menzi Mabunda but on most days I’m known as “Mama”. I’m a 28-year-old mom to a beautiful 24-month-old baby girl named Tirelo and together with dad, we’ve just survived the first 1000 days of Tirelo’s life! Yes, she’s still alive.

And with this great achievement, I wanted to share our journey so far and the upcoming adventures with everyone and hopefully learn, laugh and cry together.

I love to talk about motherhood but moreso, I love helping other parents and making their parenting journey easier through my experience. Many times people will only tell you the extremely great parts about parenting or the extremely awful experience they’ve had. They forget to share the critical daily struggles and practical aspects in between the extreme stories, which leaves a lot of us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at parenting. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Through my blog I’d love to tell my story but also give all parents a simple guideline and helpful information to ease the journey. These are the tips I wish I had instead of the scary and over romanticized stories about parenting. In addition I’d like to build an online community of friends where we share our experiences and help each other as parents from one milestone to the next. So feel free to comment and share any posts that relate to you and hopefully one of the my experiences that I’ve been through can make your journey a little easier. 

This is the Rap-double-Oh Baby Story.